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The Boater Hat tale

Once upon a time, back in 1952 young men and women were wearing straw hats in Princeton University, as a part of their school uniform. Those round, hard-shaped straw hats … Continue reading

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Clothes & Stories

Some might think that history is boring. Maybe, but not when we are talking about fashion. Imagine, every garment that you are wearing today has it’s own history of development … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!

We would like to welcome you all on our freshly-baked page and let us just say that we are glad to be able to connect and share with so many … Continue reading

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On the land of freedom…

Its for a reason that people say every sight in CUBA is a “postcard view”… so we decided to present it as postcards…;)

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Represent CUBA

A trip to the heart of Havana, one of the most vibrant and passionate cities in the world…. how those colors could not inspire?) Photo masterpieces coming soon…

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✭Snowstorm Inspiration✭

Не могла не остановить свой восторженный взгляд на фотосессии под названием “So Fern, So Nah” , которой можно восхититься на страницах декабрьского номера Vogue, Germany. Британский fashion фотограф Алексей Любомирский … Continue reading

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Обнаженные сердца♥Naked Hearts

16 Russian designers joined their forces to create something unforgettably wonderful to sell on the charity auction, organized by VOGUE and supported by Natalya Vodyanova’s  “Naked Hearts” foundation. Here is … Continue reading

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What do you like about Barocco?℘

Have you ever thought that Japanese Vogue looks so much more creative and beautiful just because hieroglyphs make it look so special? For me there is not that much in … Continue reading

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Why do people like beauty?

Was browsing the internet yesterday and came across this gorgeous fashion photograph… Got absolutely amazed by the combination of colors and couldn’t explain in the end why I love it … Continue reading

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Yet another creation…✶

And here is another incredible and somehow communistic creation from Jerome, inspired by China Vogue fotosession. “I left her face real because I felt like it is reality that I … Continue reading

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